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good child care 5

Good Child Care

Good child care is something every parent or guardian wants for their child. You want the people taking care of your child to have the same attention to detail as you do. If not the same then, even more is good. Child care is one of the major expenses for parents today. Even though good […]

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why is reading 1

Why Is Reading To Your Kids Important?

Why is reading to your kid’s important? That is a question many parent or guardians don’t ask. Ask any parent what are some of the traits you would like your child to possess and I bet intelligence is one of them. To begin to answer the question why is reading to you kid’s important, you […]

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why is child obesity 4

Why Is Child Obesity A Problem

Why is child obesity a problem in America now more than ever? With all of the technology and information at our disposal, why is child obesity still on the rise? These are questions that every parent or guardian should be asking. If not someone, then definitely ourselves. Unfortunately many parents don’t ask why is child […]

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child health is 2

Child Health Is A Self Esteem Builder

Child health is a main factor in building positive self esteem. The more child health is ignored the difficult it will be for your child to develop to their optimum potential. The healthier a child is the more likely they will have good self esteem. Studies have shown that children who are obese suffer from […]

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why child nutrition 2

Why Child Nutrition Is Important

Why child nutrition is important is sometimes not immediately apparent. However, why child nutrition is important is a question every parent should know the answer to. Studies have shown that between the ages of 0 to 5 years, a child’s brain goes through major changes. These changes stem from growth and development. What you feed […]

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why child care 4(1)

Why Child Care Is Important

Why child care is important is something most parents agree on. Recent research shows that the time between 0-5 years of age is the most sensitive time for brain development. More than 90 percent of brain growth occurs during this time. This is why child care is so important. The people who care for your […]

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child care 2

Child Care Doctors

Child care is one of the most important things facing parents of new born’s. Making sure you choose the right doctor for your child care needs is crucial to child development. Having a baby is an exciting and hectic time for most parents. However, along with considering baby names and furniture, finding the right child […]

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child health2

Child Health and Family

Child health and family are closely related. According to a recent study, child health increases when children are raised in home consisting of a loving mother and a father. Child health increases because children feel safer, have fewer behavioral problems and fair better in school. Children with good family structure also form better romantic relationships […]

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child development and mentoring 3

Child Development and Mentoring

Child development and mentoring is becoming more and more popular. A mentor is a caring adult friend how spends time with a child or young person. Child development and mentoring can help a child adjust to difficult situations. A mentor is not meant to replace a parent or guardian. A mentor rather is there to […]

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Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for kids has the same principle as nutrition for adults. Everyone needs nutrition. Nutrition for kids however, means different things at different ages of their development. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a dirt plan for your children. There are five categories that parents and guardians should make […]

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