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Child Emotions

Child Emotions – Age Seven

Child emotions at age seven can be really joyful for all parents provided they deal with it accordingly. In the first moment your child is wide-eyed kindergartener, while in a second he is already worldly school beginner. This period in child development is indicated mostly with sudden changes, and they are often almost like spread […]

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Compliments Make Children Happy

Which 5 Daily Compliments Make Children Happy

Compliments make children happy. They love them and you can’t go wrong using them often. However, parents can impede their child’s progress by using the wrong kind of compliments.  Let’s first understand the difference between the appreciation and a compliment. Some parents think that appreciation and compliments are on the same level and that they stand for the […]

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Timid Child - Child Teaching

How To Help A Timid Child Build Relationships

Every parent can help his timid child build relationships. A lesson on building relationships in child teaching is crucial for every parent. However, if a kid is timid, he will often manifest in his behaviour a lack of courage or self-confidence. Timid child is easily alarmed, frightened and is very shy. He doesn’t builds relationships very easily. The Difference between Shy […]

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Child Development-Child Discipline

Is Too Much Child Discipline Counterproductive? – Child Development

Child development is alway sensitive topic and it may be a very daunting for some parents, especially when it comes to child discipline. Here are some thoughts of how the effect of the child discipline can have a lasting impact on your child. Child discipline is often used as an equivalent for child love. While the parents wish […]

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Child Development Alert At Age Three To Four

Child Development Alert At Age Three To Four

Child development alert at age three to four should be carefully considered, but also not taken lightly. On the list below are some of the signs that might indicate you should visit your child’s pediatrician.   Child Development Alert At Age Three To Four – Watch List Displaying some of the child development alert at age three […]

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Child Development Levels Three To Four

Child Development Levels At Three To Four

Child development levels at three to four is a magic time for you as a parent and for your child as well. At this level of child development your sweet and innocent child’s world will be dominated by two things. One of them is a fantasy and the other vivid imagination. You may fond it […]

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