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Child Development and Teaching – Stage 1

Child development and teaching is something that all parents and guardians struggle with to some degree. From the time a child is born until their first day of school, their development and teaching rests solely on their parents/guardians. A child is like a sponge, they will soak up everything that they are exposed to and this directly influences how they will develop as they grow.

Studies have shown that children start their physiological and psychological development from inside the womb. Their temperament and disposition start to develop before they are born and continue right up into adulthood. The parent or guardian is often faced with the notion that if they were a good parent, the child will turn out good, and if they were a bad parent, the child will turn out bad. However, studies have shown that it is possible for a parent to do everything right and the child still turns out to be a less than ideal member of society. Likewise, a parent or guardian could do all the wrong things as the child develops and the child still will turn out to be an ideal member of society.

Well-rounded early child development depends on three major factors.

1. What the child is exposed to.

2. Who the child is exposed to.

3. What life principles are taught to them.

Child DevelopmentIn the beginning stages of a child’s life, the parent or guardian must be willing to carefully guide the things that their child will be exposed to. Limiting their exposure to media like television and the internet can have a profound effect on their development. Having a good firm support structure is extremely helpful in the formative child development stages, and makes teaching your child a lot easier. Surrounding yourself with friends and family that share your ideals of positive child growth can make this journey a lot easier. Exposing your child to both positive and negative reinforcement, will help develop a balanced perspective, teaching them what real life is like.

Even though studies show that the beginning years of a child’s life is the most crucial part of their development, this need not be a scary time for any young parent. Remember mistakes will happen, and they need to because that is how both you and your child will learn. Embrace the challenge and you just maybe surprised at how well you become at teaching and steering your child’s development in the right direction.

In the end, healthy child development and teaching means that children of all types, including special needs children, have all of their emotional, physical, educational, and social needs met. Making sure your child has a safe, loving environment in which you can read, play, laugh, sing, pray, and talk together with you, is of paramount importance. Teaching proper nutritional habits is not only important for proper physical development, but also mental development. In order for any child to learn properly, they must eat foods that encourage brain development. Learning to walk, smile, wave goodbye, and follow objects with eye movement, are all developmental milestones. These are things that should be encouraged and not just left to develop on their own. This is why spending time with your child is so vitally important to child development.

As the parent or guardian for your child, you know them best. If you feel your little one is not developing at the rate they should for their age, talk to your family doctor or their pediatrician right away. Please don’t wait.

Thank you for exploring these pages. They are meant for discussion about the best child teaching methods used by parents worldwide. Those parents were successful in teaching their children the developmental and growth principles, that led to their child being a responsible human being who positively contributed to the betterment of humanity.



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