Why Is Reading To Your Kids Important?

why is readingWhy is reading to your kid’s important? That is a question many parent or guardians don’t ask. Ask any parent what are some of the traits you would like your child to possess and I bet intelligence is one of them. To begin to answer the question why is reading to you kid’s important, you must ask that question.

As a parent or guardian, you have the ability to boost your child learning potential. You must simply make books and reading an important part of their lives. There are specific advantages you preschooler or toddler can gain from reading and being exposed to reading. Why is reading to your kid’s important? Read on and find out why.

  • It build a stronger parent/child bond – As your child grows, they will be playing and running around. Reading to them can help to slow things down and let them see the love you have for them. Having a special time when you read their favorite stories is a time they will look forward to. 
  • Academic Performance – One of the primary reasons for reading to your preschooler is a general aptitude for learning. Many studies have shown that children who are exposed to reading before they start school, do better in school. If a child has trouble putting sentences together, how will they perform at math or science? Why is reading to your kid’s important? That’s another reason why.
  • Improved Speech Abilities – When you read to your child throughout their toddler and preschool years something greatwhy is reading 4 happens. They learn critical language and enunciation skills. By listening to you read, they learn how words are pronounced. They also learn the meaning of those words. As they pretend read by turning pages and making noises, they are actually engaging in very necessary pre-literacy activity.
  • Improved Communication Ability – As your child listens to you read, they also learn how to talk and express themselves. Being able to express an idea is the birth place to creativity. Reading to your child enhances their creative minds and improves imagination. This in turn will improve their ability to communicate.
  • Increase Concentration and Discipline – Taking the time to read to you child while they squirm in your arms may seem frustrating at first. But, in time your toddler will learn to stay put throughout the story. This teaches them discipline. They learn to concentrate on the story and the characters. These are necessary skills they need to function in life.


Why Is reading To Your Child Important? Acclimation to New Experiences

why is reading 3As your child grows, they are going to face challenges. They will come up against situations that frighten and scare them. Being able to read them a relevant story can reduce the stress of the situation. Sometimes we tend to think that a preschooler has no worries and that life is great for them. Studies show otherwise.

Children can have things that worry them to the same degree as adults worry. Whether it be monsters under the bed, or being scared of their first day at school, children have worries. Being able to reassure them and alleviate their worries is the job of everwhy is reading 2y parent or guardian. A well timed story can help you do this.

Why is reading to you child important? After reading this article the answer should be apparent. Reading is as they say “fundamental”. That is because it is the basis of so many other things. Now that you know the answer to why is reading to you kids important, go read to you Toddler or preschooler today.  You will never regret doing it, and your child will learn lessons that last them a lifetime.





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