Child Development Alert At Age Three To Four

Child development alert at age three to four should be carefully considered, but also not taken lightly. On the list below are some of the signs that might indicate you should visit your child’s pediatrician.


Child Development Alert At Age Three To Four – Watch List

Displaying some of the child development alert at age three to four on the list below might indicate your child needs more assistance in the his development and child teaching due to possible developmental delay for the age three to four range:


The child ignores other children and disregards playing with them.

The child is not responding to people other than his family members.

 The child has difficulty scrawl and doodle.

 The child is unable to throw a ball with his stronger / primary hand.

 The child is unable to ride tricycle.

 The child can’t jump in place.

 The child is unable to pile up four pieces of playing blocks.

 The child can’t make a circle with a pen or crayon even when it’s shown how is done.

 The child has difficulties to hold a crayon in the hand between the thumb and fingers.

The child uses sentences that doesn’t contain more than three words.

 The child is consistently not using “me”, “he/she” and “you” in a appropriate way.

 The child displays no inclination or interest in interactive games.

 The child is not engaging in imaginary fantasy plays.

 The child cries or holds tightly for his parent each time when a parent wants to take leave of him.

 The child snaps uncontrollably when upset or angry.

 The child resists to being dressed, use toilet room or go to sleep.


Stay Calm

Child Development Alert At Age Three To FourIf you notice some signs of child development alert at age three to four in your child, it’s most probably nothing serious.

Please don’t get alarmed if the above signs happen once or trice. The signs should be visible even after trying to correct them or make the results better. Go to see your paediatrician only after you are sure that the child is not able to properly rectify the above challenges.

Children learn better with much love, appreciation and encouragement. Never show to your child that you are concerned for his development. Even if a child development alert at age three to four is present, be patient and loving. Embrace them and smile with love.




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