Cognitive Skills In Children

Cognitive skills in children and child development are extremely important. In the first few years of life children develop cognitive skills very fast. In good parenting the focus should be on at least three cognitive skills – attentiveness, thinking process and memorising.

These skills are needed for child to learn how to think and how to process what he has learned.

Sometimes children become unhappy and frustrated in the process of learning things because of the lack of the cognitive skills. If the cognitive skills in children are not sufficiently developed, the child may find schooling difficult. When cognitive skills in children are not on the required level, they can’t process the information properly and therefore may be doing not so well in adopting the teaching materials.

They become confused, start feeling inadequate and lacking the quality or ability to learn. In addition to that, if parents react negatively to their insufficient capacity to absorb knowledge, the child may shut down completely and avoid trying to learn at all.


Cognitive Skills In ChildrenYou Need To Work On The Three Most Important Cognitive Skills In Children

How well  children will process information and accept the learning process is largely dependant on how well their parents or teachers in kindergarten have worked with them.

Any responsible parent would like to help his child develop and grow into a intelligent, wonderful human being. Dads and moms who invest a little time in child teaching and developing cognitive skills in children, will be proud of how well their kids do throughout the years of education that will come in the future.

Neglecting to do so may result in additional homework, more schoolwork and special attention, which ultimately put stress on the child and condition him to feel not enough talented to achieve high scores in education.


Focus On The Three  Most Important

Cognitive skills in children allow them to process information received from their senses. You will do immense favour to your child if you start working with him on these three cognitive skills:

1. Attentiveness

2. Thinking process

3. Memorising



Paying attention enables a child to learn how to concentrate for an prolonged period of time on the tasks or on the listening of the conversation. Developing attention is one of the most important cognitive skills in children because it is the basic of all other learning processes.

Without being attentive, the child’s mind will wonder and he won’t be able to concentrate on what he or she has to learn. The attention span of the children of five years old or less is typically up to 15 minutes. Bear that in mind when you work with your child, trying to not be too demanding.

Cognitive Skills In ChildrenAttention is very well trained with games and situations where the child needs to avoid distractions.

A parent can use soft balls of two different colors and encourage the child to try to catch only the rose one, not the green. Or while visiting Zoo, the child could be asked to focus his attention to his favourite animal and can be asked to explain why that animal was his favourite. Every time you ask your kid about the reason of his or her choice, you are inspiring the thinking process.

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