Important Cognitive Skills – Memorising

Important Cognitive Skills are crucial for child development. Memorising is one of the most important cognitive skills of your child. It is a very foundation of knowledge your child is going to receive and retain.

By working on the development of this cognitive skill your child is going to develop greater brain power and be able to learn more easily.

Parents who expect their children to be good at learning, early in child development employ tools that help the child enlarge his brain power. It is largely known that in the first three years of the child’s life, his brain develops at a super-speed.


How The Brain Shapes Important Cognitive Skills

The part of the brain called hippocampus is involved in memory formation and also learning to process environment information and space navigation. Through the neurons the brain processes information that is received. Neurons communicate with each other using electrical and chemical signals and these messages make the physical basis of learning process and memory.

Important Cognitive SkillsThe connection places where the messages between the two neutrons are exchanged are called synapses. The more synapses the brain has, the person is more likely to be more intelligent. The problem is that when the brain “sees” that we don’t use some of the information stored, he simply cuts of the synapses that had the message stored. That is called pruning.

Especially from the year two to three the brain develops more synapses that you will ever have. But because of the pruning process, great number of the synapses are lost till one reaches the adulthood. You would be amazed that a little, three years old child has two times more synapses than the adult man or woman. Yup, they are more intelligent.

However, if a caring parent helps child use its brain power, the child will retain greater number of synapses and be super-intelligent. One of the great way to make the synapses stronger is to repeat and use the part of the brain in charge of these synapses.


Synapses Can Be Made Stronger

As said earlier, hippocampus is involved in memory and  environment. When child’s sense organs send some experience to the brain, the neural activity is stimulated in the brain.

When a child hears someone talking, the part of the brain in charge for language stimulates neurons to communicate. The more communication is done, the more will the synapses be activated. The more times the synapses are activated, they will be stronger and will not be pruned. Because of the strong synapses, the child will  be able to talk nicely and learn language faster. That’s why one never forgets how to drive a bike…

The more synapses are used, the stronger they are. Rarely used synapses will be weak and will be eliminated in the pruning process.

Important Cognitive Skills - MemorisingSimple memory card game for children can increase your child’s memory at fantastic rate. Three times a week will do miracles. The same goes with the learning the animals names or learning the simple song that rhymes. Don’t forget to have fun while doing it. Fun makes learning more easy.

As a parent, you want your child to retain as many synapses as possible. Strong synapses are instrumental in your child’s ability to learn faster, memorise longer and connect the knowledge and experiences into positive solutions. Strong brain synapses create a network of important cognitive skills that make super-intelligent people.

Apart from genetic conditioning, every child is equally gifted to learn. Yet, experiences of the child may largely determine his brain power.

More of the brain’s ability to shape itself… here.




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