Early Child Development

Early child development and working on the child teaching program can be of a tremendous help for a growth of your child. One of the first places where the parents will have to work with their children is a developing of the cognitive skills.

Early Child DevelopmentThe brain is like a factory of the man we are going to be. Our brain is receiving huge amount of information from multiple sources and it adapts itself and all our being into the person we are at this moment. Our brain works tirelessly to create us as we want to be.


It All Starts in Early Child Development.

Some scientists believe that the genes that child receives fro his parents are like the construction plan. However, the environment that the child is put into and experiences that the child  goes through are responsible for the construction of the person and who he will become.

It is no coincidence that in the first three years of the child’s life, the child’s brain produces extraordinary amount of synapses. The abundance of synapses allow the child to learn fast and be very receptive to external influences. In early child development the brain of your child is able to process all the experiences in a more efficient way than it will be able to do it later in life.


Early Child Development Will Shape Your Child

During the first three years of your child’s life, his brain will be able to suck in all the information around it in a fantastic way, without any screening or caution. This will happen with all kinds of information, be that good or the bad ones.

According to the external experiences received, the brain will shape your child into a person with developed sets of values and processes. These values and processes will be used by the child almost all his life. The ability of the brain to shape who we are is called plasticity.

Plasticity works wonders for a humans. Especially for children of three. Plasticity is like internal software of your kid. It would take much more time to adopt new behaviour or adapt to new situation if we would rely only on our gene material. Plasticity plays major role in adopting and adapting of the child to new situation and experiences. It help us to do it much quicker and more willingly.

With that in mind, whatever condition or experience the child is exposed, that will help (or hurt) his personal growth. That’s why early child development is something that all parents should take very seriously. The shaping ability of the child’s brain or plasticity will work for the good or for the worse of your child.




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