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child care 2

Child Care Doctors

Child care is one of the most important things facing parents of new born’s. Making sure you choose the right doctor for your child care needs is crucial to child development. Having a baby is an exciting and hectic time for most parents. However, along with considering baby names and furniture, finding the right child […]

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child health2

Child Health and Family

Child health and family are closely related. According to a recent study, child health increases when children are raised in home consisting of a loving mother and a father. Child health increases because children feel safer, have fewer behavioral problems and fair better in school. Children with good family structure also form better romantic relationships […]

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child care cost 3

Child Care Cost

Child care cost depends on many factors that include Where you live Your child’s age The type of child care you are seeking How many hours per week your child spends in child care What part of the country you live however, is a main factor for child care cost. If you live in Manhattan, child […]

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child abuse4

Child Abuse

Child abuse cases are reported more than 3 million times every year in the United States. Child abuse is caused when a parent, guardian, or care giver causes risk of serious harm, death, injury or emotional harm to a child. This can be caused by the parents actions or their failure to act. There are […]

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child safety2

Child Safety

Child safety is extremely important in today’s world. The term “stranger danger” has been used to death. It no longer helps in child safety preparedness. The phrase “don’t talk to strangers” also doesn’t properly educate children in child safety procedures. There are two things that are really important for parents to know when it comes […]

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