Child Health and Family

child healthChild health and family are closely related. According to a recent study, child health increases when children are raised in home consisting of a loving mother and a father. Child health increases because children feel safer, have fewer behavioral problems and fair better in school. Children with good family structure also form better romantic relationships as adults.

Child health also suffered with children who had no biological parent in the home. According to a recent study, children who had at least one biological parent fared much better than children with no biological parent present. They fared better in academic performance and behavioral issues.

Children with no biological parents were tested with children with at least one biological parent for 30 factors for emotional health. The children with no biological parents tested positive for 24 out of the 30 factors for emotional distress. Child health was definitely affected.


Impact of Father’s and Child Health

Child health definitely increased in homes where the biological father was present. Homes with loving biological fathers were more cohesive. Children felt safer because father’s spent time with them. Children in homes with loving biological fatherschild health1 also had a greater sense or purpose. 

Homes that had a loving father, whether biological or not still fared better than children in homes without fathers present. A father’s role in child health cannot be over stated. It should not be looked upon as insignificant or unnecessary. Child health only increased when a loving father was put into the mix.


Family Dinners and Child Health

Teens who frequently had dinner with their family’s had lower risk of substance abuse. According to the study, children who had dinner with their families at least five times a week had fewer problems than children who had dinner two time or less per week with their families.

Child health went down when children had dinner two times or less per week. They were 2.5 times more likely to smoke cigarettes. They were also almost three times more likely to smoke marijuana. They were 1.5 times more likely to drink alcohol than children who had dinner with their families at least five time per week.

child health3There are a myriad of reasons why child health is positively affected by intact families. Loving parents help a child feel safe, happy ,and most importantly, loved. These qualities increase child health significantly. Even though having the biological parents is best, loving two parent, mother and father homes gave rise to more emotionally stable children than homes without that factor.

Even homes with a loving single parent fared better than children in homes without loving parents. For child health to be optimized parents must make sure that they spend quality time with their children. Children with intact family were 40% less likely to become sexually active as adolescents. The studies are clear. Child health and family are inescapably linked. 




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