Child Health Is A Self Esteem Builder

child health isChild health is a main factor in building positive self esteem. The more child health is ignored the difficult it will be for your child to develop to their optimum potential. The healthier a child is the more likely they will have good self esteem. Studies have shown that children who are obese suffer from a number of emotional and physical problems. Some of the factors that overweight children face are:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Difficulty in making friends
  • Bullying. Both being bullied and becoming a bully.
  • Poor Academchild health is 3ic performance
  • Increased inactivity

As you can see by these factors child health is important. Parents who want their children to excel in life will make child health a priority. Child health is one of those things that most parents just think will automatically take care of itself. This is not the case. One must properly plan for good child health.


Child Health Is Important

Making sure your child has a good pediatrician or family doctor is key for proper child development. A good doctor can notice emotional as well as physical problems developing in your child. They will also have suggestions for eliminating many if not all of the problems that arise. Child health is what doctors specialize in.

They can guide you the parent into proper dietary practices. These practices will be geared for your child. All children are not the same. Each child will have some basic commonalities. However, each child will have specific nutritional needs. Your family doctochild health is 1r or pediatrician will know this and deal with you and your child accordingly.

Make sure your child has enough intellectual stimulation as well. Einstein was failing in school. Imagine that. Someone who came up with the theory of relativity was struggling in school. It was later discovered that he was more advanced than his class and was just bored. In short, he wasn’t getting proper intellectual stimulation.

Thus, intellectual stimulation and child health is a combination worth looking into. Child health is something that cannot be taken lightly. It must be planned for. The main focus of child health is proper planning and knowledge. Here are the factors you as a parent should focus on:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Emotional needs
  4. Intellectual needs
  5. Spiritual needs

If all five of these factors are properly addressed, child health will be taken care of. The statement that child health is important will be a reality not just a thought. Your child’s self esteem will rise daily. This will give them a positive outlook on life. This in turn will make them more productive adults. They will develop better and longer lasting relationships.




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