Why Child Care Is Important

why child care 3Why child care is important is something most parents agree on. Recent research shows that the time between 0-5 years of age is the most sensitive time for brain development. More than 90 percent of brain growth occurs during this time. This is why child care is so important. The people who care for your child during this time will have a huge impact on the growth and development of your child’s brain.

Another reason why child care is so important is that studies show that child who receive quality child care enter school better prepared. At first researchers didn’t understand why. Child care (at least quality child care) has been shown to give a child better math, spelling and reading skills when they enter school.

Having quality child care will help you the parent understand why child care is important. When a child has a safe, stimulating, and loving child care experience, it reduces stress for both parent and child. Parents don’t have to worry about what their child is learning. They begin to see the positive effects of quality child care.

These results help them understand why child care is important. How a child begins in life has a profound effect on their development into adulthood. Making sure your child has quality care when you are not around will keep your child on the right track.


Why Child Care Is Important? Everyone Is Affected.

Your child is a part of a community. They will eventually interact with that community. How they are brought up will affect why child care 5how they interact with their surrounding community. This is another reason why child care is important. The care your child receives from birth until adulthood will shape them forever.

Sometimes until we are faced with the situation, it’s had to imagine why. Child care at an early age is something that every parent should make sure their child has in abundance. High quality child care is proven to improve cognitive and emotional well-being. Surround your child with the best child care you can afford. The rewards are well worth it.




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  • Christopher

    This information is really helpful for parents like me. Thanks for sharing this.

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