Water Is Essential For Kids

waterWater is not the world’s tastiest beverage. But it is important in the health of all growing children. More than half of a child’s body weight is made up of water. Even though it has very little to no nutrients its purpose is still just as necessary. It helps to clean and hydrate the body. Without enough of this liquid a child body will not function properly.

Even though children will get water from the different things that they drink and fruits that they eat, they still need to drink it pure. This liquid is essential in the digestion process. In order for the body to digest anything it needs water. So when a child drinks milk, juice or eats anything, their bodies need water to breakdown and digest those substances.


What Else Does Water Do?

It also helps in the area of constipation. Water helps to prevent constipation. It does this by hydrating the waste so that it is easier to pass out. If not enough of this liquid is consumed, stools will become hard and difficult to pass. Water also helps in keeping good blood circulation in your child’s body. It keeps the water1blood from getting too thick. Thick blood can cause the heart to work harder to push the blood through the body.

It also helps to transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. As kids play and run around their body needs oxygen and the muscles need nutrients. Water helps the body transport these things to where they are needed most. Another benefit to drinking plenty of water is body temperature regulation.

Yes it helps to keep your child’s body from over heating. Sweat is the body’s way of cooling down. Sweat is also made up of mostly water. For your child to sweat properly they need water. Keeping your child’s body’s pH balance in check is another benefit to drinking water. 


How Much Water Should My child Drink?

water3Right now there is no specific recommended daily amount of water that you child should drink. Try to give them water throughout the day whether they are thirsty or not. Thirst is a sign of dehydration. You want to make sure give them enough water to prevent dehydration. When your child is sick or it is hot outside, the amount of water they drink should be increased.

Water carries with it many health benefits for your child. It is essential they get enough of it for proper child development. The more they grow and develop the more they will need. 




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