Why Is Child Obesity A Problem

why is child obesity 3Why is child obesity a problem in America now more than ever? With all of the technology and information at our disposal, why is child obesity still on the rise? These are questions that every parent or guardian should be asking. If not someone, then definitely ourselves. Unfortunately many parents don’t ask why is child a problem today.

In 1960, Americans spent $6 billion dollars on fast food. That number skyrocketed to $110 billion just thirty years later. By the year 2000, people spent more money on fast food than they did, computers, software, cars, and higher education combined. This is a disturbing statistic.

Unfortunately, moving forward in some areas means moving backwards in others. Understanding this helps to begin to answer the question, why is child obesity a problem in America. More and more children grow up living mostly non active lives. With computer games, tons of television shows, and the ease of technology, you don’t need to leave your house these days.

Today’s busy families are preparing less and less nutritious home cooked meals. Instead they are opting for quicker and why is child obesity 2much less nutritious alternative meals. They do this without even asking why. Child obesity is not a problem that came up over night. Yet the solution is not a complicated one.

Preventing our children from becoming over weight means adapting and changing the way your family eats and exercises. Failure to do this is one answer to the question, why is child obesity a big problem. How we as parents interact with our children will have a huge affect on child obesity.

Helping children lead healthy lifestyles starts with the parents and guardians leading by example. We cannot expect our children to do what we as parents and guardians are not willing to do. The question, why is child obesity a big problem, shouldn’t surprise or stump anyone these days.

Why is child obesity a problem or not a problem with your child?

why is child obesity 1How do you know if your child is suffering from child obesity? The BMI, or body mass index, takes into account two factors. The height and weight of an individual in order to determine an individuals body fat. However, calculating your child’s BMI can be complicated. Using a BMI calculator is by far a better option.¬†

Once you determine your child’s BMI you can look up the results on a standard BMI chart. All children ages 2-19 fall in one of these categories:

  • Underweight – This means that your child’s BMI is below the 5th percentile.
  • Normal Weight – This means that your child’s BMI is at the 5th and less than the 85th percentile.
  • Overweight – This means that your child’s BMI is at the 85th and below the 95th percentile.
  • Obese – This means that your child’s BMI is over the 95th percentilewhy is child obesity

Why is child obesity a big problem is the question we started this article with. The answer is simple. We as parents and guardians must take charge of our families diets and not leave it to chance and corporate America. Our children don’t know what is healthy unless we tell them and teach them.

If we want an answer and a solution to the question, why is child obesity a problem, we must start with another question. Why am I as a parent or guardian not taking the time to make sure my child eat healthy meals? Once we answer this, the question why is child obesity a problem will be answered.




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