Child Health and Junk Food

child health3Child health is something that parents must always keep in the forefront of their minds. Child health however is the last thing on most children’s minds. This is because most small children do not understand the dangers of junk food. Junk food can be appealing for many reasons. Cost,¬†convenience, and taste are the most popular.

Regular consumption of fattening junk food can lead to obesity and overall poor health. It can also lead to poor performance in academic and physical activities. Low self esteem as well as depression often results as a consequence to obesity. This is why it is vital that parents understand the dangers of junk food. Junk food can quickly become addictive and can affect child health.


Child Health Needs Energy and Focus

According to a study done by Women’s and Children’s health Network, diet significantly affects a child’s study habits. This in turn affects child health. Although the term “sugar rush” is linked with high energy, the truth is junk food and food withchild health2 high sugar content actually drain energy from the body.

Thus, it decreases focus and the ability to concentrate. Focus and concentration is important for child health. A lack of focus at a young age sets the stage for the same lack of focus and concentration in adulthood. Physical activity is also important for child health. Junk food does not provide the necessary energy levels a growing child needs to be physically active.

Thus a lack of physical activity hinders child health in many unforeseen ways. This includes proper social development.


Obesity Risk and Child Health

Pediatrics did a study in 2004 that linked several precursors to obesity and junk food. In this study children who ate junk food regularly were more likely to eat food with high sugar and fat content. They were also more likely to eat much less fruits, vegetables and fiber than children that didn’t eat fast foods.

A statement released by Nature Neuroscience stated that high calorie food can be addictive. This leads children who sometimes eat fast foods to develop problematic views of eating. For child health to be optimum, junk food should be no part of your child’s diet.

Without proper child health. child development and teaching becomes much harder. Proper child heath gives children the boost they need to be successful children. This in turn will lead to even more successful adults.



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