Children Education For Toddlers

Children Education For Toddlers is an exciting time for every parent. While children education at the age from 0-12 months is mostly passive, toddlers are taking more active part in the learning process.

Toddlers are tender children from age one to three years. During that time a child learns fast and discovers all kinds of information and knowledge. New skills are tried and developed, like trying to eat with the help of a spoon. This part of child development is exciting and there is a lots of fun in child teaching at this stage.

Toddlers are by nature very inquisitive and will explore everything high and low. The parents should take special care to protect their children from objects that can be pulled down on the head of the child. All potentially harmful things should be put aside from the reach of the child, so he is safe and well protected from being hurt or injured.


Children Education For Toddlers – Age 1-3 Years

The language will be one of the most stimulating parts of the children education for toddlers. At the age of one an average child will be able to learn and use from 3-7 distinct words and at the age of three his progress will soar and will be able to converse in whole sentences, 2-5 at the time.

Children Education For ToddlersOn the physical level they will develop legs and hands coordination skills. They will be able to hold pens and push it over the paper to scrawl. There will be interest in kicking or throwing the balls, climb not very high objects (like the stairs) and play with toys.

Much of children education for toddlers should revolve around their natural propensities and tendencies. And it should be started early.

One of the proven ways to educate your toddler is to talk about the things and how they are used, why they are important and of what use is that thing to humans or animals.

You may take your three-year old child for a walk and explain to him what you see around you. If you see leaves from the tree, you can explain to him why the leaves fall, how the tree is using leaves to absorb the sun’s energy, what are the flowers and their role to attract bees and how a fruit comes from the flower.


Include The Books In Child Education

One of the important things in children education for toddlers is reading books. From very early age children start to experience books. Teach them how to hold the book, how to go through the pages and read something to them. Show them pictures and ask them to imitate the image they see. There are so many ways to engage toddlers with books.

Another nice practice in children education for toddlers is to teach them through the play. Playing is valuable contribution in learning new things. In the first three years of the child’s life, learning by the means of the play is great help for the child to learn about the world around them.

You may use the cotton bag and place inside some objects of different sizes, materials, etc. Then ask your child to put a hand inside and without looking grab one of the item and ask him to describe how it feels on the sense of touch and try to guess what the item could be. By trying to describe the item, the child will expand their vocabulary and learn the language faster.

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