Children Education Age 3-5

Children education age 3-5 is the time when your child is astoundingly active. At this age he is discovering social connections and relationships. He tries to make friends and has quite good understanding of what can cause others to feel good or bad.

On the physical level, children age 3-5, have high energy level. Much higher than the children of age 1-3. They  run, play with the ball, climb objects, dig the earth, engage in art like painting, cutting shapes with scissors and their minds are like the sponge.

At this time they are ready for an early education or preschooling. Children education age 3-5 is just the right time for preschool education because of the inquisitive nature of the mind at that age of the child development. Preschool time is the time of rapid growth and development; it’s a ideal time to learn new and more complex things.


Children Education Age 3-5Children Education Age 3-5 Is About Developing Social Skills

At the age between three and five your child will like to learn outside of the house. He wants to explore the world outside and associate with other children. There is desire born to know everything and often his questions contain a lot of “Why” and “How”.

The numbers become the object of interest very much. Preschoolers are prone to work on their talking skills and tend to talk more clearly so that other can understand them well. They want to be well understood because at this stage of child development, they begin to grow their self-esteem and identity.

Child teaching at this age group is fun and really lovely for a parent. However, the parents have to be cautious about setting the limits of what is safe and can be done and what is unsafe and should not be tried or done.


They Like Group Activities

Much of the children education age 3-5 should be focused of group activities and experiential learning. Introduce new games that involve other children. Playing with other children will help your child to, while associating with other children, learn social skills. Group activities will help the child learn more about himself and his place in the group.

Children Education Age 3-5Playing with other children will help your child to develop in social, physical, intellectual and emotional areas. Child teaching at this age can involve learning how to share with others, for example a colouring pens or a peace of doll cloth.

Parents  in children education age 3-5 should have in mind that at this age children are looking for role models, someone whose behaviour they are approving and will follow. And the first role models are their parens. Keep in mind that your child learns from what you do and how you react, so be a positive example and support.

While giving them the opportunity to abundant play and activities, take all precautions to prevent the injuries and ensure maximum protection level possible. Give your child positive and simple instructions on how to behave and what to avoid.

When he behaves in a way that you approve, give him an encouragement and positive feedback. If he behaves in a way that is not good for him, kindly explain how you feel about it and how you want them to be safe.

Since he is very active and want to learn about the world around him, the mind of your child often get distracted. It is a very good idea to explain all the rules in a calm and peaceful environment and make sure he understand you.

Let him know you love him and that he is very important to you. In fact, as a parent who understands children education age 3-5, you should encourage your child and help him develop good self-esteem. Tell him that he is important often and even more often let him know he is the constant object of your love.




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