Home Schooling a Preschooler

home-schoolingHome Schooling your child can be both rewarding and challenging. As any parent knows, children at preschool-age constantly ask questions about the world around them. Since naturally the first school any child is exposed to is at home, home schooling is very important. Preschool education has been shown to prepare young children for a happy and healthy life ahead of them.

But entrusting a child’s early development to another person can be unnerving to say the least. Especially someone who is employed to deal with many children at once. This can be a traumatic endeavor that can leave a young child deprived of the individual attention they need from a parent. Sending a child to preschool seems like the only option for some parents.


Is Home Schooling Feasible?

Many people are increasingly forgoing the option of sending their kids away each day. They are instead opting to spend quality time home schooling their children. Home schooling a preschooler not only gives parents more time with their children but the individual attention a child receives at home can provide a solid foundation for their future growth.

With today’s technology home schooling has become much easier and affordable for parents and guardians. Especially with today’s home computer programs. Parents can teach their preschoolers essential subjects like the alphabet, basic arithmetic, reading and comprehension all from home. Home schooling can also provide the safe friendly environment children need to learn and grow.

homeschoolingHome schooling can therefore be pivotal in child development and teaching. Not only because it gives preschoolers the essential tools to move on to kindergarten and grade school, but also because they can learn in a safe, positive, and familiar environment. Home schooling however will take a considerable commitment from the parents but in the end it is truly worth it.

If you need some help getting started you can research it at your local library. There are of course online options like k12.com, or calverteducation.com.  Just google ‘home schooling children’ and you will find all the help you need. And, many of the tools listed are proven methods to assist in home schooling a preschooler.



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