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Timid Child - Child Teaching

How To Help A Timid Child Build Relationships

Every parent can help his timid child build relationships. A lesson on building relationships in child teaching is crucial for every parent. However, if a kid is timid, he will often manifest in his behaviour a lack of courage or self-confidence. Timid child is easily alarmed, frightened and is very shy. He doesn’t builds relationships very easily. The Difference between Shy […]

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Child Development And School

Child Development And School

Child development and school play many roles in a child’s life. The child learns how to grow into a healthy individual and learn basic values of civilised way of life and is also introduced to the world outside the family unit. The school is the place where a child develops his independence and confidence. And it is where they […]

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childhood development2

Childhood Development

Childhood development, especially in the early years is crucial for a child future. In addition, families where there is struggle with poverty and food can cause childhood development can be put on the back burner. Studies have shown that and investment in children under the age of 8 today makes a better, prosperous, educated and […]

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Home Schooling a Preschooler

Home Schooling your child can be both rewarding and challenging. As any parent knows, children at preschool-age constantly ask questions about the world around them. Since naturally the first school any child is exposed to is at home, home schooling is very important. Preschool education has been shown to prepare young children for a happy […]

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Reading Help For Kids

Reading is fundamental to child development and teaching. Is your child struggling with reading? Are his or her grades in school not nearly as good as they should be? Is your child suffering from low self-esteem related to the challenges he or she faces when it comes to reading? Many children can find reading difficult […]

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