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Child games play very important role in the child development and child teaching. The importance of giving your child support while learning to read cannot be overestimated.

When children become successful readers early on, their ability to learn quickly increases. Their enjoyment of lessons throughout their school education is also significantly increased. A confident young reader will become a successful pupil.

One of the ways in which you can assist your child is to play word games with them. Making the learning process fun for your child with child games is the best way to teach them about any subject and it is particularly true of reading. This will come almost naturally if the key principles involved are enveloped in absorbing word games.

Child GamesChild games or word games come in many forms, one game that teaches children to identify the sound at the beginning of a word is ‘I spy’. Books are available that allow your child to trace around raised letter shapes with their finger.

This enables them to become familiar with letters in order that they may identify and read words. Younger children benefit from electronic word games that are colorful and issue informal instruction. Other child development word games that children can play with adults include reciting rhymes. This will draw the young reader’s attention to how similar sounding words can convey different meaning.

That gives them an appreciation for the subtleties and complexities of language. At the supermarket you could point out familiar foods and read their names. As a parent, finding child games in everyday tasks can be very rewarding to your child.

Using word games that employ phonics is also very useful. This principle is used at schools in the early stages of learning to read. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and your child will inherit your enthusiasm for reading.

Remember, child games is not just important in child development but make learning fun. This is a vital step in shaping how your child will view learning and education. It is estimated that a mere 100 words make up about 50 percent of all the words in an English language newspaper or book. Therefore, giving your child a firm grasp of reading for a very young age can only help the child development process into adulthood.

In the end, what you as a parent/guardian do to motivate your child to learn and read will effect them far into the future. So use child games to make education fun and effective for your child.



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