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child neglect2

Child Neglect

child neglect1Child neglect may not be visible in the early stages of development. However, the effects can be harmful and long lasting for the child. The impact of child neglect can grow as the child grows. It can manifest itself in many areas such as:

  • Behavioral ans Social development
  • Cognitive and Intellectual development
  • Physical and Health development
  • Psychological  and Emotional development

Child neglect in just one of these areas can cause a ripple effect in all. For example, if child neglect causes delayed brain development, this can lead to psychological and cognitive problems. This in term can lead to behavioral and social problem. 


What Is The Impact Of Child Neglect

The impact of child neglect is related to many factors. A child’s age, how secure they feel, the length of the neglect, and relationship between child and caregiver all play a part. The impact of child neglect can be felt by a child right into adulthood. It can affect the relationship they develop with a future spouse. 

child neglectIt can also affect how they relate to their own children. In the short term, the impact of child neglect will affect how they form bonds with their peers. If a child is in the welfare system, the effects of child neglect can be even greater. Studies show that the first few years of a child’s life is a crucial and sensitive time for child development.

During these years neural synapses are formed at an incredible rate. After the age of 3 these synapses are pruned by the body. This means that synapses that aren’t used may be discarded. Child neglect can have a profound effect on these synapses. For example, if the ability to form attachments to people is broken too early the child could have difficulty forming relationships in the future.

Child neglect is a serious problem. One that cannot be ignored. Parents, caregivers and guardians must make sure that child neglect is avoided at all costs. Doing this will significantly improve child development.  



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